Which Penis Enlargement Techniques Do Work – Facts and Fiction Check For Users

It is unfortunate that the topic of penis enlargement is surrounded by many misconceptions and thus vaguely understood. As itWhich Penis Enlargement Techniques Do Work – Facts and Fiction Check For Users happens, thousands if not millions of products and techniques promising effective penis enlargement are in the market today. Unless a user has access to the right information, they can end up being redirected to not only ineffective but also dangerous products.

Here, the available products and techniques available in the market today are briefly described, with their pros and cons being slightly described.

Penis enlargement products and techniques

Surgery – It is the most common enlargement technique. Contrary to what most advertisements will have you believe, surgery cannot successfully help increase the length of an erect penis. In fact, not many professional medical institutions will advise you to go for surgical operations unless for medical reasons.
Stretcher devices and vacuum pumps – Their popularity comes close to surgery. As their name suggests, these are physical devices worn on the penis and produce mechanical stretching to the penis. Vacuum pumps are also said to promote natural growth by drawing more blood to the penile muscles. Some users have reported up to 2 inches penis size increment in a period of 8 weeks.
Pills and gels – These are the most sold enlargement products. Pills are usually taken orally while gels are to be applied externally. According to most manufacturers, the pills and gels are abundant in essential vitamins and minerals which promote natural penile growth.
Practice exercises – These are more natural than the above discussed techniques. For example, jelqing is said to bring about an enhanced blood circulation to the penis and in turn natural growth. However, it can lead to addictive masturbation as well as bruising on the penis.

Which is the best technique to go with then?

Of all the above discussed methods, surgery is most effective but with most adverse health effects. In fact, you might end up developing chronic ED in attempt to lengthen your penis through surgery. Stretching devices also have been shown to produce significant effects. The problem is that they are very cumbersome and can cause tearing of penile muscles. When it comes to pills and gels, not much increment in penis size can be achieved. This too goes for practice exercises like jelqing.

Precautions you should know about

Before going for any of the above discussed products or techniques, talk to your doctor or a professional. In fact, it is recommended that you go for herbal extracts or supplements that promise to promote overall sexual performance and health.

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